April 2 – 8

The Independent Photography Festival 2012 is the inaugural celebration of Independent Photography, its application, and practice.

An initiative of Hard Workers Club, IPF 2012 will be comprised of a series of exhibition openings featuring Australian Photographers, a two-day Photo Book & Zine Fair, and an internationally open Photo Prize, utilising the best of what Melbourne has to offer as host for these events.

Whilst we're eternally grateful to The Internet for the infinite platform it gives us to connect, collaborate, and communicate as creatives, we feel that for too long an altogether analogue, manual, and physical practice has seen the best products of its prolificacy confined to blogs, dedicated websites, and the internet.

IPF hopes to bring together the living, breathing artists and creatives that form the lifeblood of our diverse and inclusive discipline to reclaim photography for the hard-working, autonomous, passionate, and progressive photographers, creating for the love of shooting and shooting for the love of creating.


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